Regarding the broken shaft of the gear reducer, most people said that they were at a loss, thinking it was a sign that the gear reducer was about to be scrapped. In fact, it is not. You don’t have to panic if you encounter this situation. So today SDTTECH will talk about it in detail. The cause of the gear reducer shaft is broken.  

In fact, the industrial gearbox breaking shaft included two aspects: one factor is the breakage of the drive motor’s output shaft and the gearbox output shaft breakage.

The breakage of the drive motor’s output shaft is mainly due to the shaft breakage caused by the misalignment of the drive motor and the gearbox during assembly. When the planetary gear reducer suddenly breaks during normal operation, you can carefully observe the cross-section of the broken drive motor output shaft. It can be found that the outer ring of the broken shaft is very bright, the cross-section color becomes darker and darker when close to the shaft center, finally, to the shaft center, there are broken marks, generally appearing as dot marks. Therefore, this situation must be caused by different installations of the drive motor and the gear reducer.


Besides, In the term of gearbox output shaft has broken, when the planetary gear reducer is selected, it is misunderstood that as long as the rated output torque of the selected planetary gear reducer meets the working requirements, this is actually wrong idea. When selecting the model, multiply the rated output torque of the drive motor with the speed ratio. The value obtained is in principle less than the corresponding rated output torque provided by the gearbox manual. In addition, when the instantaneous impact torque on the output shaft of the gear reducer exceeds 2 times the rated output torque, the shaft also may happen to break the shaft situation.

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