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Small size AC gear motor

Small  size AC gear motor Technical Parameter :

Type :  GW,GF,GH. small size AC gear motor
Dimension :  60mm,70mm,80mm,90mm,104mm
Power :  100W – 3700W
Voltage :  Single Phase 110V/220V,Three Phase 220V/380V
Gear ratio :  3 ~750
Shaft Type :  Parallel shaft
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Characteristics of small size AC gear motor :

The small size ac gear motor is compact size high torque inline gearbox, ac gear motor mounted in foot mounted, flange mounted, and this small gear motor is totally enclosed small reduction gearbox, no oil leakage issue during use.

Foot mounted and flange mounted gearmotor

Foot mounted and flange mounted gear motor

Small size Gearmotor Internal Structure

Gearmotor Internal Structure








More Specification of Small size AC Gear Motor :

Type :  GH/GF,GW
Dimension :  60mm,70mm,80mm,90mm,104mm
Power :  100W,200W,400W,750W,1500W,2200W,3700W
Voltage :  Single Phase 110V/220V,Three  Phase 220V/380V
Gear ratio :  3,3.6,5, 6,7.5,9,12.5,15,18,25,30,36,50,60,75,90,100,150,180,200 ~750
Shaft Type :  Parallel shaft
Using humidity :  ≤85%(Place without dew)
Using temperature :  -10℃~+40℃(No freeze)
Insulation class :  Class B (130℃)
Temperature rise :  The temperature rise should be lower than 80℃ measured
by resistance method when the motor is working.
Insulation voltage :  In the circumstance of normal temperature and humidity, there will be no problem supplying the power of 1500V 50/60Hz between the metal wiring and motor shell in 1 minute while the motor is working.
Insulation resistance :  In the circumstance of normal temperature and humidity,the resistance can be up to 100MΩ, measured by DC 500V, insulation resistance measurer between the motor wiring and motor shell while the motor is working
Bearing Type :  Ball Bearing(Mark KB for Type GU square case)
Gear type(Gearbox) :  Helical gear arrangement. GF/GH,GW
The shape of the Motor Shaft :  Spiral tooth, helical gear motor shaft inserts into gear unit.



Small size helical AC gear motor wide used on the different industry by its small size and free maintance feature, it widely used on screening machine, car parking, food machine, moving equipment, etc.