Industrial gear reducer shall be subjected to load test operation after the reducer has passed the no-load test operation. In the test, the load should be slowly loaded in four stages at the rated speed according to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of the rated load of the gear reducer. the operation time of each stage is subject to the stable lubricating oil temperature rise, and the oil temperature should not exceed 100℃ after 3 hours of continuous operation. If the gearbox itself has a cooling system, the oil temperature should not exceed 90℃.

Acceptance Criteria of Gear reducer :
Appearance inspection: no-load, temperature rise test;
Bearing clearance test: measurement test of box vibration;
Measurement test of shaft vibration displacement: requirements for installation and adjustment;
Daily inspection and maintenance of the gearbox.

Worm gear reducer acceptance Criteria are modular.